3 Smart Steps to Organize Your Garage Quickly

Is your garage a mess? 

Do you have outdoor sporting equipment/gear that you move from place to place just to get through the door?? Or even worse, did you invest in a garage storage system that doesn’t function like you need it to?

Here are some great tips to get your garage looking like a brand-new space in no time, and functional for everyday use.

Take a minute to really locate problems that you’d like to solve. Are the kids’ bikes laying on the garage floor and always in the way? Are your kayaks on the ground when they could be up off the floor?

Maybe the space is limited so you have to make every inch count…

Here are three steps to organize your garage and make for a more peaceful transition each time you come home.

Step 1: Remove everything from the space to start with a fresh clean slate.

Weed out unwanted garage items by throwing them away or donating. Sweep the floors and remove cobwebs from the corners. If you were unhappy with the previous paint choice, this would be the best time to change it. 

Step 2: Categorize and make everyday items easily accessible. 

If bikes, scooters and sports equipment are used most often, it’s best to keep those closer to the front of the garage while keeping woodworking/tools towards the back of the garage. Bulk household items work best when kept close to the house entrance for easy access. Depending on the season (and location) you may want to keep gardening tools at an accessible level, while off-season items could go up in a higher storage space.

Step 3: Do your research and pick a system

When deciding on a storage system that will work best for your garage and family there are a few important things to think about:

·  Is the system user friendly to whoever is going to use it the most?

·  Will it make items more or less accessible?

·  Can it keep hazardous items apart from kids’ items?

·  Is it safe and reliable?

·  Is it aesthetically pleasing?

·  Is it multifunctional?

If you have bulky items that are preventing you from parking in your garage or walking a clear path to your door, you should consider using a motorized storage lift system. 

The Lift by Top Shelf Storage Solutions is a new-to-the-world motorized garage storage system that provides a functional, hassle-free way to store items for daily and seasonal use. Its patented technology sets it apart from other lift systems because in addition to storing the gear that fills your garage, it also stores the hitch attachments you use on your vehicles such as a bike rack or cargo carrier. 

The Lift has two options based on the weight you want to lift and your ceiling height. You can check out all the options at www.topshelfstoragesolutions.com/shop