Devil’s Tower: Stunning, Sensational and Breathtaking for the Whole Family

It took me 36 years to learn of this place. It was on my family’s bucket list to see, so while on our South Dakota trip, we drove a few extra hours just across the border to Wyoming to see this incredible national monument.

Nothing prepares you for just how BIG Devil’s Tower really is. 

What is Devil’s Tower? This 867-foot pillar is the world’s first proclaimed national monument. While there are many stories and beliefs surrounding Devil’s Tower, geologists agree that Devil’s Tower is an igneous intrusion. 

Don’t just visit for the views, there is plenty of hands-on action to experience if that’s your cup of tea! 

You can play it safe and walk the trail around the tower or climb it! Yes, we said climb it! Due to hundreds of vertical cracks, it’s one of the finest crack climbing areas on this continent. You must register before you climb at the climbing kiosk which is located at the head of Tower Trail. Registration is free, but mandatory and can result in a fine if not completed.

While visiting, we watched a family climb the tower. They hired an experienced guide. It took them 4 hours to reach the top.

If climbing isn’t your thing (I don’t blame you) there are many different walking/hiking trails. Four different official trails offer different views, lengths and difficulty ranging from just a stroll to stretch your legs to a 2.8 mile hike all the way around the base of the tower. 

We didn’t have the option to stay late, but they say that night sky viewing is one of the most spectacular things at Devil’s Tower. Due to a complete lack of man-made-light the night sky is filled with more outerspace austoniments most of us have ever seen. 

Don’t forget to treat yourself to the gift shop when you’re all done. 

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Have a great trip!