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Double Hitch Connector



Maximize the 400lbs lifting capacity of The Lift 400 with a Double Hitch Connector (DHC). Works with your 2″ hitch receiver bike racks for raising and storing up to 6 bikes depending on the combined weight of the bikes and the bike rack.

The DHC will allow you to raise up to 400lbs as long as the center of the weight is withing 36in from the wall. This can also be used with the Cargo Rack, the Roof Rack, and the future Tire Rack to increase the lifting capacity of a single attachment.

DHC is recommended for use with larger, heavier racks weighing an average of 50lbs or more.

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The Double Hitch Connector (DHC) was designed to enable The Lift to raise up to 400lbs with one 2in hitch receiver attachment utilizing two Trolleys. The DHC Kit consists of the DHC and an additional Trolley that works in conjunction with the original Trolley that comes with each Lift. The DHC allows the Lift to raise and store, among other things, bike racks designed to transport up to six (6) bikes along with the bikes. The combined weight of the bike rack and the bikes should not exceed 400lbs and the center of the weight cannot be further than 36in from the wall.  The DHC can also be utilized to raise and store larger items from a 2in square tube such as Jeep toppers.

If you own a Kuat, Thule or Yakima bike carrier, tray or platform style, designed to transport four (4) bikes, and these four bikes average 50 pounds or more, then you should also utilize the DHC kit to support the large load.

  • Weight: 25 lbs (Connector plus an additional Trolley
  • Coating: Powder Coated (Black)
  • 2in Hitch Receiver
  • Weight Capacity: 400lbs up to 36in from the wall
  • Not for vehicle use.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 5 in