Double Hitch Connector VS Double Trolley

The Lift concept and operation may be elementary, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t questions. One of the most frequent questions we get is do I need a Double Hitch Connector (DHC) or a Double Trolley? 


The answer is, depends on what you are going to store. 


Let’s start with the Double Trolley


Each Lift comes with a single Trolley. It Top Shelf’s custom, patented design that allows you to lift your vehicle’s rack attachments up into the unused headspace maximizing your storage capacity. The trolley and the welded 2in hitch receiver are made from structural steel with stainless steel, sealed wheels. 


The Double Trolley adds on a second Trolley plus a 24” with swaged wire cable fork connectors on each end which allows for lifting two hitch receiver attachments at one time. 


Sounds pretty great right?


The only catch with the Double Trolley is each Trolley is limited to 300 lbs and the total weight capacity is limited based on which model you purchase. If you want to lift more than 300 lbs on one Trolley you’ll need the Double Hitch Connector (explained below). The Lift 200 can lift up to 200 lbs including the weight of the rack. If you have a Lift 200 typically you’ll reach your max weight capacity for the system with one rack. 


The most popular combination for a Double Trolley and a Lift 200 is Kayaks plus a Cargo Rack® with gear such as life jackets, paddles, helmets, etc. 

A Double Trolley and The Lift 400 is a whole different story though. The possibilities are vast for mix and match bikes, kayaks, gear, tools, toys, tires, totes, decorations, you name it. 


While the 300 lbs per Trolley rule still applies, you can now spread the system total of 400 lbs between two attachments making it much more purposeful. 


The most common application is a bike rack on top with a Cargo Rack® below. Although with typical garage ceiling heights of 10 ft or less the Double Trolley eliminates the ability to walk underneath, it does provide a much needed storage solution to get your items up off the floor and give you your garage space back. 


Now let’s talk about the Double Hitch Connector.

Although the DHC also comes with an additional Trolley, it can only Lift one rack. Its sole purpose is to allow you to raise up to 400lbs on a single trolley as long as the center of the weight is within 36in from the wall.


It is most commonly used to store Kuat, Thule or Yakima bike carriers, in either the tray or platform style, that are designed to transport four (4) bikes, and these four bikes average 50 pounds or more. 


We also recommend the DHC be utilized with vertical bike racks that are designed to transport up to six (6) bikes along with the bikes.


This can also be used with the Cargo Rack® or the Roof Rack® to maximize your overhead garage storage lift system.


We would love to help you figure out exactly what you need and get the best pricing quote. Please feel free to get in touch with our customer service department by emailing anytime. 


We look forward to helping you find the best storage solution!